Hi there, and welcome to a blog created by 3 adventurous, young Melbournians who have made it their mission in life to find the perfect cocktail.

This all started one night when we were out catching up over a bit of dinner. We slowly go bored and needed some entertainment so we thought about trying some cocktails.

I had always wanted to try a Cosmopolitan, as that's all they seemed to drink on Sex & The City.
Now, we have all taken one for the team and had a drink that was feral tasting.This "Cosmo" was one of those ferals! I'm not too sure how people can skull these down every week but I've not had one since.

However since this experience, we have each had our share of feral cocktails. We have fun sitting around reviewing cocktails and thought it was time we started to share our thoughts (mostly drunken thoughts) with the world.

If you can recommend us any cocktails to try or any bars / cocktail venues we can seek out please let us know!!


Posted by Shellie

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