Japanese Slipper

- adjective

  1. Petrol
  2. Manky Shoe
What can one say about the Japanese Slipper? Well one thing is for sure, it's a step up from it's predecessor, the Cosmopolitan.

When first presented with the Japanese Slipper, it looks like something produced out of the nuclear plant from the Simpsons ("Real acid???"). It also looks radioactive, toxic & would probably glow in the dark if it could.

Unlike the Cosmopolitan, it has a taste that is bearable, but it's nothing to write home and tell everyone about. With bits of lemon fibers swimming around in mysterious green fluid and a preserved cherry at the bottom of it all, its not wonder this slipper is not sold at your common shoe or department store.

The panel of critics would say, order it if there are only Cosmopolitans on the menu! Otherwise, give this one a miss; you won't be missing much.

With it's radioactive looks, and subtle taste of Listerine, this cocktail gets 1.25 out of 5.

Posted by Michele.

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