Blue Blazer

Another cocktail at 1806 is the Blue Blazer.

If you think that paying $15-16 merits a decent amount of liquid in the glass, think again. This drink was shallower than the Murray Darling basin and skimpier than your Mum's undies. Perhaps babies could drown in one inch of cocktail, but you're certainly not going to get your thirst quenched if you order this beverage.

If you think that paying $15-16 merits at least some attempt at good presentation, think again. It was a plain coloured liquid in a plain drinking glass. That's it. I'm not kidding.

Thankfully (or not thankfully, if you value your inner organs), this cocktail makes up in sheer potency what it lacks in the presentation and content departments. A mere whiff of this powerful concoction may knock you off your chair, and that's not mentioning the effect on your nose. Want longer lasting SEX? This cocktail surely qualifies as the latest and greatest in nasal delivery technology.

It is served warm (like your Mum), but not even that gimmick can resurrect this hideous drink's deathly taste.

A truly heinous crime against humanity, which deserves no more than a 1.5 out of 5.

Posted by David


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